▶ 119 emergency rescue reporting system
The 119  emergency rescue reporting system  is a general fire-fighting information  system for control in all disasters that is installed in the  general situation rooms of 16 municipal/provincial fire-fighting headquarters to enable the most efficient, fast and perfect responses to various disasters/accidents  through 119 report receiving, orders for moving, wireless commands, situation control , sharing disaster information with related institutions ( gas, electricity, environments and marine) and  reinforcing systems to report to higher institutions when any emergency situation such as a fire, rescue or first aid situation has occurred.

• General report receiving desk
 -General report receiving system operated
  through the operation of 119 reporting
  systems, GIS(geographic information system),
  vehicle condition terminal monitors, touch screens for
   broadcasting/wireless commands
 - Disaster work related information is transmitted to first-line institutions quickly and accurately
 - One mike is used and operation is controlled through the function selection (broadcasting/wireless) switch

• Integrated wireless control system
 - Distant base station devices are selected from applications for wireless communication using
    the mike
 - With the established general wireless communication network, control can be performed quickly and conveniently
 - By monitoring relay station conditions in real time, the best wireless communication network
    is operated
 - Networks that fit to base station environments can be easily established(IP, dedicated line)

• Integrated en bloc broadcasting system
 - Command broadcasting by kind : individual, group, en bloc broadcasting
 - Command broadcasting by condition : fire, rescue, first-aid, etc.
 - Real time broadcasting terminal history management is provided


• General report receiving desk
 - CTI based 119 report receiving, command broadcasting and command wireless communication are operated together, TCP/IP, DSL, PIO Control methods
 -Consists of PLC(report receiving desk control device), HSC(head set control device), CVI(PLC(report receiving desk connection device), display lamp and system power control device, etc.

• Integrated wireless control system
 -  Central control part is dualized, up to 240 lines of distant base station devices are accommodated
 - Consists of wireless control server, main wireless device, wireless relay device and distant base station terminal devices
 - Distant monitoring : walkie-talkie channel control, output monitoring, temperature monitoring, door monitoring, power control, lightning protection

•  Integrated en bloc broadcasting system
 - Central control part is dualized, up to 240 lines of broadcasting terminals are accommodated, line check, Call Sign
 - Amplifier for broadcasting terminals : 60W(station 300W, safety center 120W, regional groups 60W)