HDT (High-bit-rate Digital Transceiver) system is capable of
transmitting T1, E1 or E1H signal up to 5Km distance (0.65mm line)
without any repeater(relay) using 4-wire subscriber line.
If two repeaters are used, the maximum range is extended to 15Km.
Excellent CAPEX-saving effect
Organizing fast communication network among mobile communication points
High-capacity and high-speed transmission service
Supporting fast and various network configuration of army communication network
Safe power switching without any service interruption due to AC/DC dual circuits
Water-proof/Humidity-proof repeater case
Specification and Characteristics
Fast data transmission using general telephone line
Long distance transmission with/without repeater
Remote power-supplying function
Signal conversion function for various formats such as T1, E1, E1H, and HDSL
Loopback test function
Alarm collection and display function
COT/RT selection function