RFD(Remote Firing Device) is an extremely safe VHF radio controlled device designed for the remote initiation of explosives in a general electromagnetic interference environment.
 RFD comprises of a transmitter, two receivers, and accessoriesOne transmitter can fire any number of receivers if loaded with the same firing key and frequency. Each receiver is designed to detonate 2-4 circuits.The operating range in open terrain is about 2-4 km, whilst in the screened area such as forest or in building, range of up to 1km is possible. To ensure a high level of security, a receiver No. and radio channel No. to be used is injected via the cable from a transmitter to receivers.
Digital design with embedded microprocessor
Individual, in a group or simultaneous operation
Built to Mil Spec 810E specifications for rain proof, vibration, drop test
Comprehensive protection against the effects of EMI
Multiple redundant transmission for improved range in EMI environments
Remote control mode,  timer mode,  and remote control during timer mode
Receiver loaded by the transmitter with unique ID can only activate firing and has built-in triple safety  key feature
All functions can be manipulated by front keypad
Easy to carry  by light weight and compact-size
Easy to keep and store by a special briefcase
Self-diagnostic function
Short antenna: 2-4 Km in open terrain 
 - Long antenna : 5-10 Km in line of sight
Firing Output power
150MJoules at 35 volts
Frequency Range
62(W) x 53.2(D) x 130(H) mm 
0.6 Kg (Antenna & battery pack)
Power Source
7.2Volt rechargeable Ni-MH battery 
Environmental Temperature Range                          
operating: -10 C to +50 degree C
 - Storage   : -20 C to +71 degree C