▶ Next-generation video collaboration solutions

is software-based CS(Client-Server) platform that delivers the richest user experience of video communication and collaboration to PC, iOS and Android users. It has the most advanced, powerful and intelligent Media Processing System (MPS)™ accommodating the largest number of participants in a session including legacy hardware codec users, and is able to provide UICS on a global scale supporting industry’s first virtual reality-based immersive telepresence.

Next-generation video collaboration solutions

 The mobile terminal (smartphones , tablets, etc.) and only app on the PC / web conference into a document , video conferencing collaboration services available

• Mobile devices and PC users to collaborative services(voice / video conferencing , document conferencing)
• Up to 60 people simultaneously within a single session expressed a possible real-time document / voice / video conferencing capabilities
• Depending on the network environment and property in the boardroom videoconferencing environment / purpose
  (Screen resolution, frame rate , bit rate) possible adjustments Passive QoS
• Document / voice / video conferencing , chat , photo sharing, whiteboard provides various functions , such as the writing
• Android OS (4.1 or later), available on iOS ( 8.0+ ) devices
• Provides users functionality invitation and meeting opened on mobile devices

Innovation of being immersive on video communication

 TOMMS Virtual Reality is a reality than by having to synthesize in real time with any of the content , extract the shape of the speaker using a 3D Depth Camera create a presenter of images in virtual space (Virtual Reality) enables users and two-way communication with the remote which is a solution.

• Real-time composite images of all the contents of the PC and Presenter
• Presenter image control , presenter image size and position control
• No space limitations
• Variety of content available
• It provides a complete virtual reality images without the need for expensive equipment , such as Blue Screen
• Motion recognition technology and content over the wireless mouse control
• Real-time two-way communication -based solutions