The Voice Multiplex Digital Subscriber Interface provides communication networks to enable security voice call functions by securing compatibility with  security telephone sets connected to satellite networks.
 - Provides 4 channels for voice ports and diverse functions of
    individual channels.  (HOT, CB, COT, 2W-EM) may be
 - Support V35 interlocking up to 1920Kbps in the unit of  64Kbps
 - Up to  4 channels of voice data in V35 signals
   (64Kbps ~ 256Kbps) may be interlocked
 - Provides one E1 port, one V.35 port
 - MEMORY BACK UP function, functions to set the equipment through display windows   
 - Provides LOOP BACK functions
 - Provides over voltage, over current blocking functions
 - Provides functions to transmit voice + data trough the E1  port  (capacity except for voice channels)
 - Since the DTE  mode is supported, interlocking networks can be configured with interlocking with the FSE V.35(DCE mode) unit without any additional unit
• Subscriber access capacity
   - V.35 (1920Kbps) : 1 channel
   - E1 (2048Kbps) : 1 channel
   - HOT, CB, COT, 2W-EM (64Kbps) : optional 4 
• Operation power
   - AC : 88~264V(60HZ)
• Operation temperature
   - 0°~+50°(operation temperature)
   - 30°~+60°(storage temperature)
• Specification
   - 205mm(W) X 415mm(D) X 81mm(H)
   * Excluding extruding areas