The Fiber TTC-95K Interface changes the speeds of E1HQ,E1Q and E1H signals to E1(2048K) to provide long distance transmission environments through connection with optical equipment.
- Interlocking between tactical electronic exchangers and E1
   transmission devices   (optical equipment,E1 relay devices) 
- Change EUROCOM mode E1HQ(256Kbps), E1Q(512Kbps)
   and  E1H(1024Kbps) signals into PCM mode E1(2048Kbps)
- Composed of 4 channels, the 4 channels can be operated
   simultaneously, commercial AC power (AC110V~220V)  and 
   DC power (DC -48V) can be used.
- Has self protection functions against over voltage and over currents flowing into the line 

     256Kbps, 512Kbps, 1024Kbps (selective 4 channels)
   - PCM
     E1: 2048Kbps(4 channels)

• Operation power
   - DC : -48V
• Operation temperature
   - -35°~+50°(operation temperature)
   - -57°~+70°(storage temperature)

• Size
   - 235mm(W) X 155mm(D) X 46mm(H)
   * Excluding protruding areas