▶ LAN Converter
The LAN CONVERTER is equipment that multiplies RSC(256K,512K) and ETHERNET(LAN) signals and transmits the signals to RLI(1024K) to provide communication environments where lines can be efficiently used
- Provides one channel for 256K,512K subscribers( speeds can be selected)
- Provides one channel for a 1024K RLI interlocking port
- Provides one channel for ETHERNET
- Error correction function
- Functions to set the equipment and display the equipment’s conditions  through display windows
- Provides LOOP BACK function
- Self-diagnosis function

• Subscriber access capacity
   - E1HQ,E1Q(2565K,512K) : selective one channel
   - E1H (1024Kbps) : one channel

• Operation power
   - AC : 88~264V(60HZ), DC :19~32V

• Operation temperature
   -  -35℃~ +50℃ (operation temperature)

• Size
   - 483mm(W) X 375mm(D) X 59mm(H)      
    * Excluding protruding areas