The fixed satellite equipment(FSE) is installed in headquarters or higher strategic corps to provide voice, data and image services to all terminals in the military satellite system.
 - Interlocked with satellite Mugunhwa 5
 - DAMA mode and PAMA mode access
 - Large capacity subscriber accommodation(low speed 600 lines, high speed 36 lines)

• Operation frequency
   - SHF band, Ka band

• Subscriber access capacity
   - Anti-electronic system war subscriber max. 15 lines
     (D-CB, D-E&M, D-DSU, D-RS)
   - General single subscribers up to 600 lines
     (CB, COT, 2W/4WE&M, DS, RS, 4W AGI, RD, DMI)
   - Multi-subscribers(2M grade) max. 36 lines
     (T1, E1, E1H, RSC, RJ, TDU, V.35)

• Modem access part
   - DAMA modem 15 lines
   - PAMA modem max. 36 lines
   - Control/OW modem max. 2 lines

•  Antenna access/control
   - SHF, Ka band antenna access

•  Information protection function
   - Information protection module manufacturer