DAMA Network Control System (DNC) plays a role of central station in FH-FDMA network to support essential communication link and FH-CDMA network to support strategic link of the army satellite communication system. DAMA network controller operates and manages FH-CDMA/FH-FDMA networks as well as performs call processing support function to support each terminal accessed through DAMA protocol to access to the network with a single protocol.

1.1 Services and Satellite Interworking
◊ Service through DAMA modem
◊ Call processing service through strategy/필통 link of each terminal (FSE, TS, LS, NA, SS, AS, MS)
◊ Communication line switching service of conventional army communication network connected to DNC itself
◊ Special call service required to army satellite communication system
◊ Interworking function with RF antenna system element

1.2 Interworking with network management center (NCC, TM)
◊ Resource management function regarding DAMA network element
◊ Overload control function
◊ SNMP function interworking with NCC and TM
◊ Encrypted communication function (coded conversation/plain text communication function)
◊ User Friendly GUI

System Capacity
◊ DAMA Link for call services from 15 satellites
◊ Accommodation of 8 voice class subscribers (128K Linear : CB, 2WE&M, 4WE&M)
◊ Number translation among DAMA satellite terminals and switching connection function (64x64)
◊ NMS function support through SNMP(Private MIB) with satellite network management center