▶ Satellite Whole Army Air Defense Alarm System
The satellite whole army air defense alarm system propagates aircraft and ballistic missile (including nuclear missile) track information, air defense control commands and air defense alarms to field corps of the whole army in real time utilizing military satellite communication during wartime and peacetime. This system consists of a control machine that propagates aircraft/ ballistic missile track information and air defense control commands received from the MCRC system and the AMD Cell system to field corps of the whole army through military satellite communication and terminals that receive the track information and air defense control commands received from the control machine through signals sent through military satellite communication.
- MCRC/AMD Cell system interlocking : aircraft and ballistic missile information receiving and processing
- Propagation of aircraft track information, ballistic missile information and air defense commands in real time
- Function to display aircraft track information and air defense control commands
- Function to propagate and store air defense alarms in the form of voices and letters
- Subscriber control and broadcasting group control functions
- Function to perform actual and mock exercise situations separately
- Receiver position based display function

• External system connection part
   - 10/100 Base-T
• Fixed terminal connection part
   - Clock input range: 10MHz, 0~7dBm
   - L band input/output frequency range: 950 ~ 1450MHz
   - L band output level: -45 ~ -5dBm
   - L band input level: -65 ~ -15dBm

• Terminal connection part
   - Clock input range : 10MHz, 0~7dBm
   - Receiving frequency range: 950 ~ 1450MHz
   - GPS: 1575.42MHz
•  Power characteristics
   - Control machine input : AC 220V
   - Terminal input: AC 88~264V, DC9.6 ~ 36V
•  Environmental condition
   - Control machine operation temperature : +10℃ ~ +30℃
   - Terminal operation temperature : -32℃ ~ +50℃(outdoor equipment)
•  Environmental standard
    - EMI/EMC
      Control machine: Korea Communication Commission no.  2009-27
      Terminal: MIL-STD-461F
    - Environmental standard(terminal) : MIL-STD-810G
     (altitude, vibration/impact, rain/flooding, salt water