The wireless power management system ( WPMS ) consists of wireless sensors equipped with microwave human body sensing sensors and temperature sensors with excellent sensing performance. This is a wireless communication based integrated power saving system that can automatically control devices such as room heaters/coolers, lighting and power sources locally and centrally through wireless communication without any separately configured network based on information on room occupation and set temperature data collected from its sensors. This is a power saving system that enables monitoring of power consumption at distant places and controlling the power consumption in diverse methods  ( schedule, peak management,  condition checking ) .

•  Lighting controller                   
 Automatic control based on sensed    
   states of room occupation                    
 Immediate lighting control function     
- Schedule management based control                                
• Power controller                       
- Immediate power control function
- Schedule management based control 

• Room cooling/heating controller
- Automatic temperature control
  by temperature sensors
- ON,OFF based on room occupation sensing
- Temperature data aggregation in real time                                      
• Occupation/temperature sensing sensor
– Occupation sensing information delivery
- Temperature information delivery

- Wireless integrated automatic control/management system that saves energy by 30%
- Automatic or manual control (convenience in operation)
  Central automatic, integrated or individual management (making it
   a way of life, optimization)
- Environment measurement and automatic control (convenience and efficiency in management)
- Integrated cable/wireless system network (previously established, newly established)
- Provides diverse UI and information (convenience in management)
- Integrated energy DB (carbon emission right)
  Standby power blocking lighting control/temperature control (integrated   management)



• Operation power
   - Controller AC : 220V(60HZ)
   - Sensor DC : +5V

• Operation temperature
   - -10°~+50°(operation temperature)

• Size
  - Sensor : 103mm(H)X69mm(W)X70mm(D)
  - Controller : 150mm(H)X100mm(W)X43mm(D)
    * Excluding protruding areas