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Recruitment A company that creates a convenient and prosperous world with the best technology and service


To create a workplace where our employees' precious dreams come true,
we conduct regular and occasional recruitment for each job.

Recruitment procedure

  • STEP.01

    Document screening
    Individual notification of successful applicants

  • STEP.02

    Prior Learning

  • STEP.03

    Medical examination

  • STEP.04

    Final Acceptance

Recruitment overview

  • 0 people from each business unit
  • Foreign language proficiency preferred (English, Chinese)
  • There must be no reason for disqualification from overseas travel, and in the case of men, those who have completed or exempted from military service

How to apply

  • Please be sure to write your contact information, field of application, desired position, salary, etc. at the top right of your resume.
  • Career introduction: Fill out and submit your previous job position, length of service, job experience, etc.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact the Management Support Office (Human Resources).
  • Inquiries: Tel 031-980-7510 / Fax 031-985-6222

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