We will do our best to discover new growth engines for the future.
We will become WooriByul that grows together with customers, through
the development of core technologies and solutions.

Renewable Energy

Solar power plant

A new challenge has begun in the renewable energy power generation business.

Wooribyul Co., Ltd. intends to be reborn as a customer-friendly company by actively discovering future growth businesses throghout developing new technologies and securing solutions.

Solar power plant generation business

Solar tracking device patent

  • - Patent registration number: No. 10-0967808
  • - Patent Name: Solar Tracking Device

Domestic Construction Cases

  • Damyang Solar power plant generation.

  • Chungju Solar power plant generation

Overseas Construction Cases

  • Vietnam floating Solar power plant generation project.

  • Mongolia Solar power plant generation project

Hydrogen fuel cell power generation business

Participating in the hydrogen fuel cell power generation project at the Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex

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