We will do our best to discover new growth engines for the future.
We will become WooriByul that grows together with customers, through
the development of core technologies and solutions.

Smart City Business


Wooribyul, which has design and construction capabilities for information and communication system solutions for smart city (B2G, B2B, B2C) construction, provides services for customer satisfaction.

Smart city business

Main Business 1 : Network design and construction

Main business 2 : Design and construction of integrated control center

Main business 3 : CCTV network design and construction

Main business 4 : Home network design and construction

  • - Integrate all electronic products (home automation, crime prevention, living, home appliances, information equipment) in use at home
  • - Vehicle arrival notification on the wall pad when a resident's registered vehicle enters the complex
  • - Real-time monitoring service of CCTV in dangerous areas within the complex (playgrounds, underground parking lots, etc.)

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