Wooribyul leads the best customized solutions to customers.
Development and construction of navigation safety facilities.
Navigation safety facilities operated at airports and sea routes.

Instrument Landing facility (ILS/DME)


Wooribyul Co., Ltd. will lead the navigation safety of civil and military airports by securing domestic instrument landing facility construction experience and advanced new technology.

Instrument Landing System (ILS)

We have excellent technology and performance capabilities through experience in implementing the nationwide civil/military airport instrument landing facility construction project.



  • LOC antenna is provided as a basis for measurement of Difference in Depth of Modulation(DDM) of modulation frequencies (90 Hz and 150 Hz)
  • Accurate landing course (DDM=0) detection

Glide Path

  • Glide-Path equipment (GP) antenna copies the amplitude modulation composite pattern of modulation frequency (90Hz and 150Hz)
  • Operating range: 10NM (18.5 km) Runway center line: within ±8°
  • Course width: ± 0.24θ

Distance Measurement Equipment (DME)

  • Provide distance information to aircraft
  • DME is used in the en route or landing phase in conjunction with VOR and ILS

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