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HR System

Promotion of excellent personnel through fair and transparent personnel management and performance/achievement evaluation based on quantitative + qualitative indicators
Realization of performance-oriented personnel through professionalism and performance creation

Support/ Sales

Staff, Associate, Manager, Deputy Senior Manager, Senior Manager, Executive Manager


Associate Executive Director, Executive, Executive, Senior Executive Vice President, President


Wooribyul Co., Ltd. is operating a welfare system for all employees to promote personal health and self-realization in a happy workplace with gratitude for the endless passion and effort of its employees. We will do our best to develop various programs that our employees need along with the growth of the company.

  • Cafeteria operation

    free lunch/dinner

  • Support fuel expenses for employees

    Support vehicle fuel expenses

  • Vehicle support for executives

    Vehicle support for executive promotion

  • Annual workshops by department

    Support for event expenses

  • Dormitory operation

    dormitory support for employees
    who work far away

  • Long service allowance
    (10 ~ 30 years)

    Flexible payment

  • Employee fitness center operation

    gym, billiard room, shower room operation

  • Operation of outdoor barbecue area for employees

    Free to use

Job Overview

Strategic Planning Office

  • Company-wide management plan and strategy establishment,
    Mediation-related work
  • Aggregate and Adjust company-wide business planning tasks
  • Synthesis and management of short-term and mid/long-term business plans
  • Management of win-win projects for promising future projects

Business Department

  • Domestic business (defense, public)
  • Overseas export business
  • Business plan establishment and business management
  • Write Business proposal / contract work
  • New business planning and new business development

Research Department

  • Future core technology development
  • Develop cooperative business with system companies
  • Perform and propose new business technology

Manufacturing Department

  • Product production
  • product test
  • ILS support and customer defect repair service

Quality Assurance Team

  • Company-wide QM management
  • production product warranty
    (Import, circuit, shipment inspection, etc.)
  • External customer quality assurance activities

Finance Office (Finance/Cost Team)

  • Company-wide financial management
    (management status, business performance)
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
  • Cost analysis and management
  • Profit and loss management
  • Company-wide general accounting management

Purchasing team

  • Company-wide purchase planning and management
  • Material purchasing business (contract and order)
  • Domestic/overseas purchasing management
    (Market research, purchase location research, etc.)

Management Support Office

  • Personnel planning and management
  • Company-wide general affairs / support work
    (facility, vehicle, safety and health)
  • Security

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